Geeks are impatient.

SBS will get the perfect fit of a glass slipper in the next version

1.  Exchange 2007 in the 32 bit version is ONLY for testing purposes and should never EVER be used in any production environment.  PERIOD.  You void your support on that SBS box if you try to uprade it to the 32 bit.  So John’s exercise in putting it on a side server is the way to do it, as the 32 bit platform is piggy and not supported, so don’t even think about it.

2.  At this time SBS doesn’t run on anything but 32bit, however the NEXT version of SBS based on Longhorn is 64bit.  Thus patience, good things come to those who wait and thus all those service packs for Exchange 2007 will be release by that time and all that.

2.  I can’t tell from John’s notes as to whether he had an RTM SBS box or a SBS 2003 sp1 box?  As a SBS 2003 sp1 box would have that Schema role and Global catalog.

But John… don’t even try putting 2007 on TOP of SBS 2003.  Not gonna go.

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