Help and Support and Remote Assistance

So after Help and Support got messed up one of the things that I was testing was the Offering of Remote Assistance.  But every time I went to see if it worked I got a failure and this in the log on the server:

Event Type:    Error
Event Source: DCOM
Event Category: None
Event ID: 10009
Date: 3/24/2007
Time: 1:30:37 AM
User: N/A
DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer Bitziemedia using any of the configured protocols.
And when I looked at the settings on the XP box, everything looked okay.  From the System, then on the remote tab, Remote assistance was 
offered. So why wasn’t it working?
So I thought I’d “drop” the firewall by going up to the server, finding the Windows firewall group policy setting and “disable” the link so I could 
then shut off the firewall on the workstation. And it was at that time that I saw what my issue was… I had previous disbled the policy and did not
turn it back on. Just to test I dropped the firewall, disabled it at the workstation and was able to connect. So then I fully re-enabled the policy did
a gpupdate/force (I could do a gpupdate but I just take a sledgehammer and force a refresh of all policies) and when I went in there this time…
Everything worked!

So make sure your Firewall setting are such that the SBS box truly IS controlling those workstations

Chalk it up to another blonde event.  If I would have enabled/looked at the firewall logs on the workstation I would have seen the “blondeness”
of my ways.  Remember to check out those log files on the workstation when things like this happen.

3 Thoughts on “Help and Support and Remote Assistance

  1. Peter Reid on March 25, 2007 at 11:58 pm said:

    I see you tried to verify my problem with the SP2 update. As it turned out the issue came about a long time ago in my case. It appears the firewall GPO you enabled and forced wasn’t always included in the SBS 2003 build and subsequent updates over time. Oddly enough the settings in the firewall GPO you described were embedded in the remote assistance GPO vs. a separate firewall GPO. To make the saga worse and a long story short something in my services ended up being woefully corrupt (I don’t think it is related SP2). RPC wasn’t availiable, but it was started and running. After trying to do a system restore I had to do an installation repair, various updates, etc. etc. and all is well and guess what the firewall GPO is present after applying a current XP2 client update – arghh. Thanks for trying confirm the issue, but alas it appears my issue is due to being grey vs. blonde.

  2. I have a different problem with remote assistance since I removed Server 2003 SP2. On one workstation and ONLY one workstation when I type in the name of the workstation and click on connect it crashes RPC on the workstation and the workstation reboots. I have tried everything known to man to fix it including running WMI diagnostics and nothing fixes it. The workstation is XP SP2 not running the firewall.

    Also in a non related issue since I removed SP2 the ISA 2004 management snap-in will no longer load. I did try replacing it.

  3. Peter Reid on March 30, 2007 at 1:24 am said:

    In my wanderings trying to solve my issue I strayed across instructions on MS’s web site on how to remove SP2. As I recall there was a note that some extra clean up work was required after MMC 3.0 was removed so that MMC 2.0 would work properly.

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