Losing the trust

In the newsgroup today is the story of someone who trusted Microsoft update.  And when they went up there to download that service pack they got more than they bargained for.  Their Exchange wouldn’t reboot.  Now in fairness I’m not 100% convinced that SP2 did all that as it sounds like, due to the magnitude of the issue, but it points out that once trust is broken in applying patches and service packs, that trust is broken forever.

“This big lesson destroys my trust on Microsoft totally.”

Ouch.  And that’s not easily won back either. 

The other day I got asked the following in a survey and was asked to rank them from 1 to 9

  • Provides appropriate guidance to address my customers’ ongoing security needs

  • Provides me with the tools and knowledge to stay in control over the privacy of my information

  • Is committed to making secure products

  • Responds to security issues in a timely manner

  • Provides products that are secure from vulnerabilities

  • Provides security updates that are easy to implement

And for all of them except the last one I ranked them average to high.  Because I strongly beleive that one can deploy a product securely and Microsoft is making the tools available.  And while I know that Security update are not Service Packs and the experience of one should not taint the other, I ranked them down on that last one to ensure the feedback got sent.

That while I can say that security patches lately have not hurt me, I cannot say the same for Service packs.  Give me a nice juicy security patch over a service pack in SBSland any ol’ day.  And yet we’ve gotten so use to the updating process that we’ve blinded ourselves down here to the fact that this is a change management BIG TIME and should be treated with appropriate risk and evaluation. 

Is there truly anything in Service pack 2 at this time for the Small Business marketplace that we really NEED on our boxes?


Number 2 and number 10 are about the only reasons why a SBSers would need this service pack.  In my case the application of SP2 sure didn’t improve networking performance and I’ll be applying that HP nic driver here. (and yes the link is still live for me btw)

But bottom line.. when there’s a Service pack …. you DON’T have to apply it the first week or even the first month it’s on Microsoft update.  Untick the box and wait for later.  And that’s perfectly okay.. even for a patchaholic like me.

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