Mary Jo Foley has a blog post that Alun comments on….regarding transparancy at Microsoft and she has the comment…

Will Microsoft attempt to extend any kind of blogging/transparency crackdown to its Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), featured communities and other constituencies, claiming that it’s for everyone’s best? I’ve heard and seen things that lead me to believe these things are already starting to happen.

And as the administrator, purveyor, and domain owner of I’m here to tell Mary Jo that I’ve seen nothing to lead me to believe that there is any such “crackdown” afoot.  If anyone tried I would be the first to say, “Over my dead body” for one very important reason.  Microsoft doesn’t own this domain, nor the server that this blog site operates out of.  They don’t pay the rent here.  I make the rules for those who blog with guidance from Chad, Wayne, Nick, and Vlad.  Microsoft doesn’t make the rules here with one exception.  Bloggers when they sign up here are told that they can blog on anything they want, as long as NDA information isn’t posted.  If they do post NDA information, I will take it down if they don’t offer to do it first.

No one has ever had a problem with that policy.  We’ve only had one time where I asked a blogger to remove a post because it contained NDA info copied from another site that posted the NDA information first. 

There is a line in the sand, Mary Jo and MVPs are independent and proud of it. 

The only blog censorship I have is my own.  My own ethics of what is bloggable and what is better served using other channels.

And if I’m not here to say “over my dead body”, Sean O’Driscoll is right behind me saying “over his dead body” as well.  Think I’m joking?  In fact he responded to Mary Jo’s blog post before I did.

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