The Pizza box Box and Tower Survey

The unofficial SBS hardware survey is now open for business

And no we’re not talking about this pizza but instead the rack mounted computer variety and tower chassis.  I want to know the typical hardware that was historically recommended by you a few years back as well as the hardware you recommend now.

 And I have a couple of “religious” questions in there … one about disk partitioning…for example, once upon a time we thought a 20 gig partition was great for a C: drive and yet when I did mine I put 35 gig as the main C: and I have about 9.5 to 10 gig left.  (Which reminds me I need to blog about some options for those who are now looking at SP2 wondering how in the world you can get it on that C:\ with what you have left)

The results of this hardware survey will be shared back with the community. 

But let’s talley up the typical hardware we have out here and installed, shall we?  Get a feel for the typical setups we all do.  And given that I’m cheap, sorry I can’t offer anything other than a heart felt thank you for filling out the survey.. and no not even a SBS Cougar logo’d boxer shorts or something along those lines (sorry Vlad and Chris).  How about a hug in person if you are at any of the conferences I’ll be at this year… New Orleans with Jeff, Seattle with Harry and Sydney with Wayne.

(and right now I’m not going to shoot it to the yahoogroups listserves until they stop duplicating messages)

One Thought on “The Pizza box Box and Tower Survey

  1. Have you had a chance to assemble the numbers and report yet?

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