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Your backup process takes longer to finish when real-time scan is enabled in Client / Server Security for SMB (CS) 3.5 or Client / Server / Messaging Security for SMB (CSM) 3.5. Also, there are instances when real-time scan detects an infected file in the shadow volume copy but cannot enforce the scan action because shadow volume copies have read-only access.


As a workaround, exclude the shadow volume copy from real-time scanning.


Please do the following:



Log in to the Security Dashboard.



Click Security Settings, then select the server group where you are doing the back up.



Click Configure > Antivirus/Anti-spyware, expand Exclusions.



Select Enable Exclusions > Do not scan the directories where Trend Micro products are installed.



In the Enter the directory path box, type “\device\” and then click Add


Save the changes.


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