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Sleep now, you’ll need it So Jeff is on IM telling me about the latest updates on the New Orleans IT Pro conference….and I think I’m going to start an extra hour of sleep each night in preparation starting now.  I’m pooped just hearing about the entertainment he has planned let alone the sessions. First off the room rate […]

I kan’t spel nymore

 ┬╗ Text messaging and the death of the English language | Education IT | Ive kum 2 teh konkluzion that komputers r makin me spel badlee Seriously, do you find that you are more and more reliant on Word’s spellchecker instead of remembering how to spell?  Get me on IM and you’ll see […]

Resources for the SBS community

Looking for resources? – this is the tech listserve for the sbs – this is the official Microsoft sponsored SBS yahoogroup and is the best place for licensing – want to start a practice, chat about succession planning, marketing or anything on the “business side” of business? – considering or doing managed […]

Planning for your succession

I posted this in the smallbizit group and thought I’d blog this here as well.  Most small IT shops are family shops.  And when you begin to add employees, you need to think about their futures in your firm as well.Given the recent interest in this topic …here are some resources from my CPA industry to […]

WSUS 3.0 on SBS 2003 WSUS 3.0 delivers updates to corporate environments from Microsoft Update. This readme file describes known issues affecting Microsoft┬« Windows┬« Server Update Services 3.0 (WSUS 3.0) and includes recommendations and requirements for installing WSUS 3.0. The documentation for WSUS 3.0 on SBS 2003 R2 will be out soon, but the key thing to remember […]

We didn’t opt for the tattoo contest

Today my sister and I went to a VW show and swap meet at the Madera Fairgrounds and while we entered her vintage 1961, painted to look like Herbie the love bug Volkswagon in the show, we opted not to enter the tattoo contest.  Yeah…. we just didn’t have the necessary stuff to enter that […]

Doing a bit of advanced searching

When you are doing a search in Vista, you might want to click on advanced and click on that “include non indexed, hidden and system files”. In my case that was the only way I found where the .nk2 files were (so my Sister would have her autocomplete addresses back)… now I’m off to find […]

Copying .nk2 files from one system to another

So one thing I forgot to do when moving sister from her old XP to her new vista was to grab the .nk2 files Copy the names in AutoComplete to another computer Important  You must exit Outlook before starting the following procedure. The names will be included in AutoComplete when you restart Outlook. On the computer with the saved […]

"This wizard can only be run on a Small Business Server Computer"

If you hit this and perhaps installed Win2k3 sp2 and then removed it, you aren’t alone.  Nick (the naked mvp) just hit this on a box that he installed SP2 and then had to remove SP2 because of networking issues. Somehow in the uninstall of Sp2 the Microsoft Integration key gets mangled/missing, and the weird error […]

How to "not" install SP2 on a freshly built Win2k3 box Unclick the box…