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Submit an online request to obtain a Microsoft hotfix:

Submit an online request to obtain a Microsoft hotfix:

Contact Us: Hotfix Request Web Submission Form:;en;1399&showpage=1&WS=hotfix

Need a hotfix?  Don’t want to call in?

Try those links!  (and not sure if it’s just those OS’s mentioned but I’m trying with just entering the KB and seeing what I get!)



  • #   Pat D on 04.13.07 at 11:39 am     

    Seemed like a good idea – too bad my idea of an 8 hour response and Microsoft’s aren’t the same. It’s been a week, still nothing. Guess I’ll be old fashioned and pick up the phone.

  • #   Richard Blanco on 04.23.07 at 12:18 pm     

    The online submission only seems to be for specific Microsoft secuirty products and does not seem to allow you to request other hotfixes

  • #   Sandor Teglasy jun. on 05.03.07 at 10:44 am     

    Great that Microsoft finally released “non-public” patches to the public. I’m just wondering why it is limited to a small number of products (I’ve checked and found only SQL, Antigen, ISA on their list). Do you have experience, whether they are willing to release patches for Outlook or Windows using this way?