From Milly Staples – Outlook MVP 

Some common reasons why Outlook will not shut down completely when you click either the X or Exit:

1.  PDA synchronization software with your PDA in the cradle.
2.  WinFax Pro (especially 10.02 in Outlook 2003) – contact their support for an alleged fix.
3.  Franklin-Covey Plan Plus!
4.  COM Add-ins.
5.  Mail reminder add-ins that keep a stub of Outlook open in the background to check for new mail and fire reminders.
6.  Anti-virus/firewall programs that are set to scan incoming and outgoing mail.

Milly Staples [MVP – Outlook]

From Diane —

Microsoft Outlook: Outlook.exe won’t exit:

3 Thoughts on “Outlook.exe stays running after exit?

  1. I have also experienced recently a problem where outlook.exe would not close and keep the customer from opening any more instances of Outlook 2007.

    Turns out to have been a spam add-on program they had installed years before we had exchange on-site.

    Remove the program that wasn’t needed with the Exchange IMF and all was well.


  2. Yeah, she forgot one: If the day or the month has an R in it.

  3. And if that won’t work – you could always write a script to kill Outlook before launching. Obviously, this isn’t a solution – but if you need a band-aid it might help…

    As an aside, I not a fan of quick-fixes and band-aids . But every once in a while they come in handy if only to give you some room.

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