Debugging tools for Windows Updated

It’s all Peter’s fault that I’m vaklempt that there’s new debugging tools on the Debugger site today… 

Daniel Pearson [MSFT] : Debugging Tools for Windows Updated: 

Debugging Tools for Windows Updated

It’s been a while since our last update but the latest version,, of the Debugging Tools for Windows is now available for download <> from There’s a ton of new features and improvements so get clicking!

   * New Features
         o Add %Y{l} format specifier to take a ULONG64 argument and
           display a source line.
         o Add $ntdll[w|n]sym built-in aliases.
   * New command-line options
         o Windbg: -lsrcpath to set local source path.
         o All: -log[a|o]u to generate Unicode log files.
   * Changes to default configuration
         o When loading modules from a user-mode minidump provide
           available misc and CV record info from dump. This can allow
           symbols to be loaded in some cases when PE image file is not
         o .reload with specific module name now defers loading.
           Force-loading can be done with /f as usual.
         o SDK content is now installed by default.
         o Samples now explicitly default to not building Vista-only.
         o .remote pipe names may no longer start with ‘/’.
         o Change symbol lookup order: root\file, root\extension\file,
           root\symbols\file. Note that you cannot depend on lookup
           order remaining unchanged.
   * !analyze enhancements
   * New and updated commands: .trap, lmDv, .allow_exec_cmds, .pcmd,
     .dml_file, gu, .fnent, .pagein, dt, bs, bsc, bm
   * New options for commands: .foreach, .reload, .dump, .dumpcab, x,
     uf, ln, .call, .open
   * New and updated extensions: !chksym, !cpuid, !dml_proc, !address,
     !chkimage, !vm, !error
   * Source Server
         o CVS sample scripts.
         o Updated documentation.
   * Additional Symbol Server support
         o Allow SymSrvNoProxy to apply to WinInet functionality.
         o New option to force WinInet or WinHttp regardless of whether
           Symbol Server is running as a service.
   * ExtCpp extension improvements
         o Allow empty strings as default values.
         o Add Unicode output methods.
   * Better Debugging
         o Improved handling of IA64 trap frames.
         o Improved handling of DML content.
         o Minidump generation improvements.
         o Improved handling of CABs.
         o Improved handling of out-of-memory conditions.
         o Increased symbol functionality.
         o Bugfixes for EXDI targets.
   * New and updated Tools
         o Kdsrv now automatically uses IPv4 or IPv6.
         o Updates for AutoDump Plus.
         o Convertstore: converts a two tier symbol store to a three
           tier symbol store.

One Thought on “Debugging tools for Windows Updated

  1. Janek on May 9, 2007 at 1:36 am said:

    Change log says that now in symbol server we can force WinInet or WinHttp. How we can do that? I cannot find any related information in help file.

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