SA benefit – a SBS course and it’s a SA benefit as well!

Microsoft Small Business Community Blog : Yes, “Designing, Deploying, and Managing a Network Solution for a Small- and Medium-Sized Business” courses ($223.99 Value!) are included in your SBS Software Assurance.:

Now THAT’s kewl!

One Thought on “SA benefit – a SBS course and it’s a SA benefit as well!

  1. Travis P on April 30, 2007 at 9:39 am said:

    Sorry, but all these ‘benefits’ don’t make up for a bad product in SA. The old licensing model was much more cost effective, especially for non IT oriented companies, and now with SA, we are stuck with bad products, whereas MS is stuck with a constant income stream despite what they release. I don’t have a problem paying for updates, yearly services, etc. I do so with Symantec (Veritas), Trend Micro and Citrix and don’t have the concerns I do with MS because they actually offer something for the yearly costs (although Citrix is skating on thin ice).

    MS even knows SA is a bad product and they continue to ‘force’ us to SA through the changing of verbage on licensing agreements and doing things such as ‘not’ including Outlook as part of the Exchange 2k7 client, etc.

    I offered a sidebar to the following article re: SA and until MS either brings the price down or actually releases something useful in it’s ‘updates’ I just can’t defend SA. Better option would be to allow us to purchase upgrades again, the way we used to, but that’s probably out of the picture at this point.

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