I posted this in the smallbizit group and thought I’d blog this here as well.  Most small IT shops are family shops.  And when you begin to add employees, you need to think about their futures in your firm as well.

Given the recent interest in this topic …here are some resources from my CPA industry to get folks thinking Nothing Succeeds Like Succession:http://www.aicpa.org/pubs/jofa/jul2005/reeb.htm  Succession-Planning Dos and Donts:http://www.aicpa.org/pubs/jofa/feb2005/dennis.htm  Securing the Future: Building a Succession Plan for Your Firm:https://www.cpa2biz.com/CS2000/Products/CPA2BIZ/Publications/Securing+the+Future+Building+a+Succession+Plan+for+Your+Firm.htm  Passing on the Crown – Family Businesses and How a Family Firm can Avoid a Succession Crisis — Mid Marketplace.com:http://www.midmarketplace.com/resources/articles/plonearticle.2006-03-13.3007541671  Family owned firm study
 CareerJournal | Should You Accept a Job At a Family-Owned Firm?:http://www.careerjournal.com/myc/climbing/20010927-buss.html  For those that hire employees, consider this… if you want too much control, those employees wanting a piece of the pie will begin to look for greener pastures. You owe it to yourself and your employees to plan

for your future…that is….one without you.

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