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"Help and Support" feature is missing after you install Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2

“Help and Support” feature is missing after you install Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2 on a computer that is running Windows Small Business Server 2003: hotfix is not regression tested…. please do not place it on a production system without a good backup and testing, but I”ve never had issues with them in my […]

No, the CPA’s password is blank

I had to laugh about this…. The risk of passwords…. and in that document it warns about passwords …. Are any of them in this list?: Asdf 1234 admin password spooky buster webster machoman bootsie sparky badboy qwerty And today when I was using’s Quickbook password cracking software apparently they thought passwords were too […]

Engagement letters

On the panel and Jeff’s ITPro conference I said that folks needed “Engagement letters” and someone asked me what they were.  They are basically a letter that limits your liability.  I’ve just now posted up two sample engagement letters.  As always, review them, edit them, and take them to an attorney for review.

Using POP connector with AT&T Yahoo?

Dear AT&T… I nearly blew off this email as a malware attempt as the subject line read “Reminder: Important Security update” which sounds like the 40,000 other emails I get that say “your system is infected, run this tool that we’re hiding bad things inside to clean your system up”. Well you might want to […]

Firmware updates for Broadcoms

If you have Broadcom nics you might want to look for some driver updates… both Dell and HP and notifying that there are nic firmware updates. Your alerts HP NC-Series Broadcom Online Firmware Upgrade Utility for Windows Server 2003 ver OpenView Patch Notification (OpenView login required) Priority: Recommended Products: HP BladeSystem Dual NC370i Multifunction Network […]

Brilliant idea regarding patching

So you get this idea that you will install.. say ISA 2004 sp3 remotely… and you get to the end and don’t realize that it breaks the network connection and you are stuck as it wants a reboot to finish..what do you do? Do what trick I learned from a SBSer at Jeff’s ITpro conference […]

Backup and Monitoring part cannot be viewed in server management console

PROBLEM: ==========Backup and Monitoring part cannot be viewed in server management consoleCAUSE: ==========Insufficient PermissionRESOLUTION: ==========For monitoring:—————1. Make sure there is no web.config file under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot2. Correct the permission on C:\Inetpub\monitoring folder3. Correct the permission on Monitoring Virtual Directory4. following steps to reinstall Monitoring completely:I.     Uninstall Monitoring 1.      Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Add […]

When an oops occurs….

There are some questions you need to ask yourself…  1. Has the server/client/product ever worked?2. If so, what changed?3. What service packs and updates were applied?4. What are the steps to reproduce the problem?5. Does it happen the same way on any other systems? And if you want folks to help out… when you go to […]

Securing the Small Business TLC – Securing the Small Business They’ve got little money to spend on security, and big demands. Minimal staff and zero tolerance for disaster. The risks aren’t reduced because it’s a small business. The risk can actually be greater than for a large network. Join us as we look at the unique challenges small […]

The PFM of Home Server

If you were at the ITPro Conference and heard Grey Lancaster talk about Home server and wanted to check it out you can join the beta via this link …and yes…like Grey said there are indeed some Russian folks that are on the development team… and like Grey said “you know how those Russians […]