Small Business Susan

So why isn’t SBS 2003 R2 getting WSUS 3.0 as a critical update?


Because Microsoft listened.

Because Microsoft responded when a bunch of us Partners said “We’re not comfortable with that being automagically being offered up as a critical update to people not ready for it.”  And let’s face it, you aren’t ready for a big update like that to come out this week on your SBS 2003 R2 boxes.

Because Microsoft listened when we were concerned that the install package on WSUS to update WSUS did not include the Report Viewer and folks would have to manually go download that.  If you have R2 you already have the needed MMC 3 but you have to manually go install the Report viewer.

Because Microsoft listened when we were concerned that the SBS community was tired of DST patches, tired of Windows 2003 sp2, tired of stuff being shoved down.  Just tired and we needed a break. 

Because, we said “We’re not ready” “Our community isn’t ready” and they listened. 

Because Microsoft listened.

That’s why SBS 2003 R2 isn’t coming down today as a critical update.  And as much of a patchaholic as I am, I was one of the ones saying “we’re not ready, please don’t shove it, we’re not ready for it”.

So Cody, when YOU are ready to install WSUS 3.0 on your SBS 2003 R2 box, you do what that SBS blog tells you do.  You PLAN for it, make a backup, MANAGE the change.  YOU can install it today by going to the WSUS 3.0 site and installing it YOURSELF after you do EXACTLY what the SBS blog says to do…backing up your server first.