SBS 2003 sp1 media and Marina’s flagpole

I’m out on the search engines looking for images of rope or chains and a flagpole?  Why?  Because Marina of the fame no longer has to threaten to chain herself to one to get the resolution to an issue impacting SBSers needing the official SP1 media for Premium boxes.

The joke was that during the MVP summit in March that if Marina didn’t get a satisfactory answer, she was going to chain herself to the Microsoft flagpole until she got an answer. 


Well obviously she got an answer because she flew home.  So now, with the New Orleans IT Pro conference,  we were joking the other day with the web site saying that an announcement was coming soon, was whether we should get the rope and chains out and see if there was a Flag pole in New Orleans.

The good news for everyone is that between NOW and DECEMBER 31, 2007, the SBS 2003 SP1 media is back!

Service packs we know are hard.  They are icky.  We hate them.  But we do need to install them.  And now WE MUST BE on SBS 2003 sp1.  If you are running a premium box and you DON’T have SP1 media… this is THE final call for you to get this media.

So when you see Marina in New Orleans, give her a hug and tell her you are glad she’s not having to eye up those flagpoles.

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