Sharepoint v3 on port 444?

On Sharepoint 3.0 with the side by side install, Mikael was saying the other day that the thing he does is switch the ssl port on Sharepoint 3 with Sharepoint 2 so that the v3 is on port 444 and v2 is on another port.

Now.. for those who want an external ssl access to Sharepoint v3… I wonder if that would solve the problem that folks want external access.

(in the Sharepoint restore session with Chad Gross and Amy Babinchak)

One Thought on “Sharepoint v3 on port 444?

  1. I’ve actually done this (Made the Stand alone Sharepoint 3.0) and then Made a SSL port for it.

    However I didn’t switch the ports. I was worried about it affecting some other aspect.

    (I actually used ports 8888 Internally and 8889 https Externall)

    Problem I found was links were weird.
    Example if you made a link on the left to a BLOG it didn’t work through the HTTPS but if you made the blog in a New TAB It worked fine.

    I also had weird issues with trying to post something in the blog. over https.

    I didn’t document it, but basically Added the 8889 Port as the SSL port (In the Case above it would be 445 if you wanted that.)
    Then Applied the SSL Cert to that Port.

    Again Sorry I didn’t write it down, mostly because I was just playing.

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