Alert the Highway Patrol

Alert the Highway Patrol….massive traffic jam is expected as Bay Area folks drive to Fresno. 

Fresno has iPhones in stock at our Apple store.  Apparently we’re not as geeky as the Bay Area that are sold out. no wonder on the Facebook Fresno network someone has posted…

‘i think it’s funny that people take the time to come on to the fresno message board to make fun of fresno. goodness sakes, no wonder you think it sucks. sitting at home and staring at the computer in any city is a bore.’


It’s raining postcards

 Getting a postcard via email? Don’t click.  I actually had a real postcard from a family member the other day and didn’t open it just in case… 

AVERT Labs – It’s raining postcards

New wave of Variants continues – Subject line

Gparted – remember to have a backup first  I used this the other day to expand the partition on the hard drive on a laptop before we bumped it to Vista..
Holz in the newsgroups had a great document on it….like he said DO A BACKUP FIRST..this is NOT supported and if you get in a pickle you are on your own.  HAVE A BACKUP FIRST 
Holz uses

The link below is to a document I wrote to help people planning a
migration and need to use gparted. It will help you to. My e-mailis on the
bottom of the doc, so let me know if yo need help. Please, please, please,
do not be an idiot, do a BACKUP first.

Hey! Wanna stamp your blog as a SBS Community blog?

Hey!  Wanna stamp your blog as a SBS Community blog AND advertise and point everyone to the OFFICIAL SBS blog all at the same time?

—copy from here—

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—to here–

Put that code in your news section of community server or whatever blog engine you use!

And see how it’s now in the right hand side of my blog?

Go ahead and stamp your blog and pass it along!

(edit:  Thanks to Vlad got rid of the border)

Virtualize your Vista

Did you catch this the other day on the mssmallbiz list?

The SA allows you to have virtuals under your Vista (lots of RAM here we come. )

One problem.. you can only do mondo ram on 64bit and my LOB apps don’t run 64bit and the virtual OS I need is XP not another copy of Vista… now what? 


Do you know the Microsoft Product Use Rights?

Take a look at the Windows Vista Enterprise SA Benefit page
you will see:

New: Additional Software Assurance Licensing Rights to Leverage Virtual PC
Virtual PC is now available for free as a download to all Microsoft
customers. As an Enterprise customer, you now receive the rights to four
additional copies of the operating system so that you can leverage up to
four virtual machines in Virtual PC. This enables you to use the product
to its full potential to address application compatibility issues, run a
helpdesk, run a training class, and perform software application
testing. These additional operating system licensing rights are
exclusive to Software Assurance customers.
Note the part of: “These additional operating system licensing rights
are exclusive to Software Assurance customers.” Without Software
Assurance, you do not get these operating system licensing rights. SBDA
includes Windows SA, so it does include these rights that you wouldn’t
get without SA. How much would it cost to buy additional Windows
Operating System licenses to use in those Virtual machines without SA?

Want to know more about those virtual O/S rights included in the Windows
Vista Enterprise benefit? If you look in the Microsoft Product Use Rights

(the document that lists your usage rights for Volume License software)
under Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate on page 63, you will see:

For each license:

a) You may install and use additional copies of the software within
up to four virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware systems on the
licensed device. You may not use more than one copy per system.
b) If you run all five permitted copies on the licensed device at the
same time, one copy must be used solely to:
* run the hardware virtualization software, and
* manage and service the virtual (or otherwise emulated)
hardware systems on that device.
c) You may install and use a second copy of the software on the
licensed device in place of one of the copies permitted for use within
virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware systems above.
d) You may use any edition (Business, Enterprise or Ultimate) or a
prior version of the software in place of the licensed version for any
of the additional copies permitted above.

So, Virtual PC is free but those additional O/Ses
on those Virtual machines, would not be free if you do not have Windows
Software Assurance to get Windows Vista Enterprise rights. Factor those
cost savings into SBDA and that’s a pretty significant potential cost
savings alone.

Plus, having the SA benefits included in SBDA
would entitle the customer to upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate if they
chose to instead of Windows Vista Enterprise.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,
Eric Ligman
Senior Manager, Microsoft US Small Business
Community Engagement
Are you using our
Site<>, User
Group<>, and
Take advantage of money saving
promotions<> today!
This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no

The haves versus the….
I saw this the other day and it made be go


Security is becoming a “haves” versus the “screwed”.

A research organization..who’s goal it should be investigate issues is now going to capitalize on that and sell this intelligence.


The minute you release this information to any outside party .. people these days do not have ethics and will talk. I hope that this firm has a policy in place that the first “leak” of information that a firm who signs up for this service will be kicked out.I think we’re all on this information superhighway and I think this puts us all at risk.

I hope that my concerns about this are unfounded.

Time will tell won’t it?

Upgrade media saves the day

So the other day I broke my event viewer in Vista…

 And I couldn’t find a way to fix it and when I used my full version Vista media to try to do in inplace repair, the only option it gave me was to do a full, clean install wiping out my data… hmmmm no so good… so I got a copy of Vista Ultimate upgrade media (this is a tablet PC) to see if I could do a inplace repair.

Sure ’nuff, when I had upgrade media, it did what I needed it to do, repairing my existing install and fixing the event viewer.

When it rebooted, I did have a smidge of reactivation to go through, and until I rebooted it had “you are not genuine” on the screen…


And I had to go through the phone call activation as the wireless button mouse wouldn’t turn on the internet while the machine was in activation mode… but the moral of this story is?

I think upgrade media is MORE flexible than full media.  Remember the trick of installing cleanly with upgrade media?  Install it without a product key, then install it again with it?

Truly the only way it appears I was able to repair my event viewer problem was to get upgrade media and use that, not the full version media.

Needless to say I’ll be playing around a bit in vmwares to see if “fixing” Vista is always this way.

So really..if all of this is "secret sauce" how come it’s so googlable?

So is scripting “secret sauce” that only a few should know?  Or is it something that more of us need to understand and use more of?  
Is powershell something only for the
“Joe’s” of this world? 
Windows PowerShell:
And is this stuff something that we should share more of because certainly the bad guys are sharing knowledge and information quite effectively.
Take a look at this KB from Adobe: 
*msiexec /p Ac705PrP_efgj.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=all
Using the msiexec installing they are using the /p flag which is indicating the patch package (the AC705PrP_efgi.msp in this case)
“omus” is four different flags as shown below:
/p applies an update.
Hotfix_Name.msp is the name of the hotfix file and the location where you downloaded the file.
REINSTALL=ALL reinstalls features that are already installed. Use this command together with REINSTALLMODE to indicate the type of reinstallation. REINSTALL uses all uppercase letters.
REINSTALLMODE=omus is used with REINSTALL to specify the kind of reinstallation. REINSTALLMODE uses all uppercase letters. The omus option indicates the following:
o reinstalls a file if it is missing or if it is an older version.
m rewrites registry entries in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry hive or in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry hive.
u rewrites registry entries in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive or in the HKEY_USERS registry hive.
s reinstalls all shortcuts and re-caches all icons.
/l turns on logging.
*vx indicates a wildcard character that logs all information by using verbose output.
Logfile_Name.log is the name of the log file.

If you want to suppress the reboot from an unattended installation, use this command:
msiexec /i <CDImagePath> /q REBOOT=”ReallySuppress”
See how those all work together to send a message to the computer to install the software?
So really..if all of this is “secret sauce” how come it’s so googlable?
Install and remove Acrobat products using the command line (7.0 on

The command line syntax is part of the Windows Installer and was not
invented by Adobe. Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology is based on
Microsoft Windows Installer technology.

To patch an already existing installation of Acrobat 7.0- 7.0.8:

*msiexec /p Ac705PrP_efgj.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=all

*msiexec /p Acro707.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=all

*msiexec /p Acro708.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=all

For more information on Command Line Options for Msiexec.exe, see the
following websites:

DCOM The application specific permissions do not grant

Hmmm….. ever since installing Sharepoint 3.0 I’ve been getting this…

EventID.Net: Now while it’s close to that.. it’s a different CLSID.. so let’s see which one is freaking out..

Just like in that post though, we go into the registry to search on that CSLID value

So now we know it’s the IIS WAMREG admin service.

So we go into the component services and find that service.

So now that we found it, we right mouse click and go into properties 


And we go to the security tab and click on customize

Since it doesn’t have network service, only administrator and system, we add the network service

In this case, NETWORK SERVICE needs to be added with Local Launch and Local Activation permissions.


So that now we have system, administrator and network service.  From there we click to add Local activation, save and reboot.

That should do the trick.

New Best Practices for SP2 KB

Best practices and known issues when you install Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 on a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer:

Today’s SBS blog moment is brought to you by Mark Stanfill:

The Official SBS Blog : New Best Practices for SP2 KB: