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Alert the Highway Patrol Alert the Highway Patrol….massive traffic jam is expected as Bay Area folks drive to Fresno.  Fresno has iPhones in stock at our Apple store.  Apparently we’re not as geeky as the Bay Area that are sold out. no wonder on the Facebook Fresno network someone has posted… ‘i think it’s funny that people take the […]

It’s raining postcards

 Getting a postcard via email? Don’t click.  I actually had a real postcard from a family member the other day and didn’t open it just in case… AVERT Labs – It’s raining postcards New wave of Variants continues – Subject line variation

Gparted – remember to have a backup first I used this the other day to expand the partition on the hard drive on a laptop before we bumped it to Vista..Holz in the newsgroups had a great document on it….like he said DO A BACKUP FIRST..this is NOT supported and if you get in a pickle you are on your own. HAVE […]

Hey! Wanna stamp your blog as a SBS Community blog?

Hey!  Wanna stamp your blog as a SBS Community blog AND advertise and point everyone to the OFFICIAL SBS blog all at the same time?—copy from here— <a href=” src=”” alt=”[This is a SBS Community blog you are reading. Are you subscribed to the Official SBS blog?]” title=”This is a SBS Community Blog you are reading. […]

Virtualize your Vista

Did you catch this the other day on the mssmallbiz list? The SA allows you to have virtuals under your Vista (lots of RAM here we come. ) One problem.. you can only do mondo ram on 64bit and my LOB apps don’t run 64bit and the virtual OS I need is XP not another copy of Vista… now […]

The haves versus the…. saw this the other day and it made be go …hmmmmm Security is becoming a “haves” versus the “screwed”.A research organization..who’s goal it should be investigate issues is now going to capitalize on that and sell this intelligence.hmmmmm…..The minute you release this information to any outside party .. people these days do not have […]

Upgrade media saves the day

So the other day I broke my event viewer in Vista…  And I couldn’t find a way to fix it and when I used my full version Vista media to try to do in inplace repair, the only option it gave me was to do a full, clean install wiping out my data… hmmmm no […]

So really..if all of this is "secret sauce" how come it’s so googlable?

So is scripting “secret sauce” that only a few should know? Or is it something that more of us need to understand and use more of? Is powershell something only for the “Joe’s” of this world? Windows PowerShell: is this stuff something that we should share more of because certainly the bad guys are sharing […]

DCOM The application specific permissions do not grant

Hmmm….. ever since installing Sharepoint 3.0 I’ve been getting this… EventID.Net: Now while it’s close to that.. it’s a different CLSID.. so let’s see which one is freaking out.. Just like in that post though, we go into the registry to search on that CSLID value So now we know it’s the IIS WAMREG […]

New Best Practices for SP2 KB

Best practices and known issues when you install Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 on a Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer: Today’s SBS blog moment is brought to you by Mark Stanfill: The Official SBS Blog : New Best Practices for SP2 KB: