SP2 RSS/Checksum/TCP fix up now on Microsoft update

The Official SBS Blog : New SBS 2003 Updates released through Microsoft Update and WSUS:

New on Microsoft update is a sp2 patch that you should be installing BEFORE you install SP2.  But the problem is that only gets MU’d offered up to you AFTER you install SP2.  At that point in time there is a chance (especially with ISA on the box and broadcom nics) that you’ll lose RDP/VPN.

So I’m sticking with my recommendations from before….

Disable the checksum and RSS (receive side scaling not RSS feeds) BEFORE installing SP2, ensure your nic card drivers are up to date.  Don’t install Service pack 2 before ensuring you have done those steps.

Now that I think about it… I’m not sure you can proactively disable those registry keys as I think during the install of the SP they get re-enabled by the patch.  I think we will either need to be onsite, take our chances for that SP.  You may want to look into temporarily installing VNC or logmein on that server as a precaution for losing remote access in a ISA/premium intall if you are really paranoid.  Or just wait and install that patch in person during a quarterly onsite visit.


Regardless, like the SBS blog says, thanks for having this patch MUable.  I’ve changed those registry keys even on my home server that didn’t lose RDP access as I was getting some weird DNS errors in the DNS event log.

 (and before anyone freaks out that I have a SBS server missing 19 patches this is a vmware box that I set up for testing)

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