I’m not a command line gal and I wanted to document that in order to use the SQL management studio included in SQL 2005 workgroup/R2 to do this, doing this didn’t work. Instead as the comment said in the prior blog post, I have to use a pipe string locally….



Once you use that, you can connect to that embedded database just fine and use the tools to adjust accordingly.

Hmmm just realized it installed on the C: drive …wonder how I can move that…

One Thought on “Connecting to the WSUS database with SQL 2005’s tools

  1. FostWare on June 12, 2007 at 7:21 pm said:

    There’s MSDN articles on moving WSUS to SQL2005…

    I move all MSDE instances I can to SQL Server as it means backup flexibility, management features, and memory savings. It also means I can further justify SBS Premium ^_^

    The only MSDE on SBS that apparently can’t be moved is SBSMonitoring

    Possibly because the registry instances only allow you to reference a MSDE instance 🙁

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