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Service Pack 2 may fail to install if a large number of updates are installed

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At first I thought… why didn’t they block SP2 like they did SP1 so it won’t hurt SBSers?   ..but then I thought…you know…this may be a wakeup call that they need either someone to manage that server (if they are a DIYer), someone better to manage the server (if they have a friend of a friend), and maybe need to get someone better watching that server and away from the “break/fix” mentality.  I hope that folks wouldn’t lose trust in patch management/auto updates and turn them off, but then again, patch management/maintaining a server is more than just setting up a box, enabling auto updates and walking away. I would hope that NO ONE reading this blog got nailed by the issues in that blog post.  For those that have not installed SP1 and you are a premium customer, make sure you order the cdrom here –

One Thought on “Service Pack 2 may fail to install if a large number of updates are installed

  1. Craig Brown on June 23, 2007 at 11:10 am said:

    The problem is not on just SBS. I had the problem on two of my three Windows 2003 servers as I had been installing every single hotfix that Microsoft was publicly releasing to the download center. Big Mistake and probably stupid in hindsight. I have since reverted to just WSUS Updates and hotfixes that are critical to my environment.

    I eventually solved the problem on the first server on about install attempt 15 by uninstalling a large number of the hotfixes and was eventually able to install.

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