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First off… I’m nearly like I am in November before the elections when you just want the hype and the stuff over with…. Can everyone who wants an iPhone just go out and buy one silently and get over the hype?  It’s like tulip mania or something.

And as far as not being able to connect to Exchange? 

iMAP folks.. http://sbs.seandaniel.com/2004/10/imaping-your-way-to-multiple-inboxes.html

Now granted there’s limitations as Larry Seltzer talks about.. http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,2150923,00.asp

But I thought this article was funny… http://www.electronista.com/articles/07/06/19/iphone.a.corporate.no.no/    “The article goes on to explain that while most company mail servers support IMAP (which the iPhone is readily able to access), many have the functionality turned off to eliminate vulnerabilities.”


Folks, IE and Firefox have more vulnerabilities that I can see than IMAP at this point.  Granted you may want to set up SSL based IMAP to ensure the domain user name and password doesn’t transfer across in clear text, and there’s arguments that there may be issues where if you read the email and what not as Larry points out and certainly it’s lack of management of the devices (no remote wipe, encryption, etc) means that it doesn’t give us a lot of tools to limit it’s impact (especially when during NPR’s story on it this morning most folks are wanting to replace their ipod.  Ipod’s inside a firm doing my doc redirection means my music and my massive downloads get moved over to that server.  Not the greatest story in the world.

But get ready for the questions that will come up…

Just please…. sell the dang thing so we can go back to normal?

One Thought on “iPhone and iMap

  1. Well, IMAP is largely considered a vulnerability because it passes Passwords in Clear text. SSL encrypted IMAP would largely dispell this vulnerability (though you still could’nt remote wipe a lost or stolen device like you can with Windows Mobile or Blackberries). Unfortunately it appears that the iPhone does not support SSL based IMAP.

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