So really..if all of this is "secret sauce" how come it’s so googlable?

So is scripting “secret sauce” that only a few should know?  Or is it something that more of us need to understand and use more of?  
Is powershell something only for the
“Joe’s” of this world? 
Windows PowerShell:
And is this stuff something that we should share more of because certainly the bad guys are sharing knowledge and information quite effectively.
Take a look at this KB from Adobe: 
*msiexec /p Ac705PrP_efgj.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=all
Using the msiexec installing they are using the /p flag which is indicating the patch package (the AC705PrP_efgi.msp in this case)
“omus” is four different flags as shown below:
/p applies an update.
Hotfix_Name.msp is the name of the hotfix file and the location where you downloaded the file.
REINSTALL=ALL reinstalls features that are already installed. Use this command together with REINSTALLMODE to indicate the type of reinstallation. REINSTALL uses all uppercase letters.
REINSTALLMODE=omus is used with REINSTALL to specify the kind of reinstallation. REINSTALLMODE uses all uppercase letters. The omus option indicates the following:
o reinstalls a file if it is missing or if it is an older version.
m rewrites registry entries in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry hive or in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry hive.
u rewrites registry entries in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry hive or in the HKEY_USERS registry hive.
s reinstalls all shortcuts and re-caches all icons.
/l turns on logging.
*vx indicates a wildcard character that logs all information by using verbose output.
Logfile_Name.log is the name of the log file.

If you want to suppress the reboot from an unattended installation, use this command:
msiexec /i <CDImagePath> /q REBOOT=”ReallySuppress”
See how those all work together to send a message to the computer to install the software?
So really..if all of this is “secret sauce” how come it’s so googlable?
Install and remove Acrobat products using the command line (7.0 on

The command line syntax is part of the Windows Installer and was not
invented by Adobe. Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology is based on
Microsoft Windows Installer technology.

To patch an already existing installation of Acrobat 7.0- 7.0.8:

*msiexec /p Ac705PrP_efgj.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=all

*msiexec /p Acro707.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=all

*msiexec /p Acro708.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=all

For more information on Command Line Options for Msiexec.exe, see the
following websites:

3 Thoughts on “So really..if all of this is "secret sauce" how come it’s so googlable?

  1. Chris Knight on July 1, 2007 at 10:07 am said:

    We’re seeing more and more of this, simply because the Ops Centres of Hotmail, MSCOM, eBay, etc are requesting feature sets that are highly automated and scriptable, to be able to effectively manage sites of immense scale. Hence, Powershell is THE management interface for Exchange Server 2007. The technology has gone from workgroup to enterprise to uber-enterprise.
    So time to brush up on this old, rusty DOS script skills…

  2. Aaron has very detailed examples of how to customize Adobe Reader 8 and deploy it using msiexec:

    I use his examples as a template, customizing it to my needs. Then I deploy it as a silent NAL app with Zenworks. It works great.

  3. I always check Aaron’s site before I rollout a NAL app. I can often make minor adjustments to his configurations, the begin the application deployment.

    He uses msiexec with transform files customized from the Adobe Customization Wizard.

    I kid you not, it took me only ten minutes to setup my Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Zenworks NAL application and deploy it to my beta testing group. It installed and ran perfectly, every time.

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