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So why did they move that?

So why did they move those file locations in Vista?  More granular control so that we can change permissions and tighten up program settings is my understanding (I can’t find the page and given that I read it outside with the crickets with a mini booklight last night as we were without power until 6 […]

So where did they move THAT?

Page 91 of this book lays out the facts…. \Documents and Settings is now \Users\Documents and Settings\All Users is now \Users\Public\ProgramData\Desktop is now \Users\Public\Desktop\ProgramData\Documents\ is now \Users\Public\Documents\ProgramData\Favorites is now \Users\Public\Favorites\ProgramData\Start Menu is now \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\ProgramData\Templates is now \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Templates

I guarantee I won’t hurt you if you do this setting versus shutting off UAC completely

I’m putting folks on notice… while I won’t be too pleased that you do this… but I’d rather folks do an alternative setting in group policy controlling the User Account Control prompt than the alternative of shutting it off completely. Okay step one you need to go buy this book:  And then as you read this you’ll […]

I’m going upside down in November

  Where will you be this November?  I’ll be upside down.  That’s right… at I’ll be with Wayne Small who will be hosting and presenting the ITPro conference in Australia.  Along with me will be Jeff Middleton, Dana Epp, Amy Babinchak, Dean Calvert and Ryan Spillane and lots more. So get ready to get upside […]

Batteries and more batteries

My sister and I each have certain connections to the outside world we can’t live without.  Mine is an internet connection, her’s is the sound of a TV.  Which is why when the power is out AGAIN (it was off earlier today) I’ve got the laptop fired up and she’s got 8 D batteries in […]

The Official SBS Blog : Active Directory FTP User Isolation Mode (IIS 6.0)

Today’s SBS blog moment is brought to you by Wayne McIntyre  The Official SBS Blog : Active Directory FTP User Isolation Mode (IIS 6.0): On the inside of my LAN I have ftp enabled for two key business scanners.  Yes it’s a risk, but to me an acceptable one.

Well that was easy… Well that was easy.  I literally connected the Treo 750 to “my” computer, ran through the “connect to exchange activesync” wizard, stuck the two certs (I have ISA) on the device that I have parked on my computer and voila. The easiest way to get a cert off your system and on to a […]

Compatibility in Vista

When you are installing software on Vista, you may have to right mouse click on the setup and “Run as Administrator”.  Once it’s installed, if it balks a bit at running under Vista, try right mouse clicking on the icon, and go into the compatibility tab and clicking on “Run as XP sp2″.  If that […]

A Palm 750 in the house I was just put on notice that the office a partner of the office is now the proud owner of a Palm 750 and the thing on my agenda tomorrow is to get the self signed cert (yes we still use self signed certs) to be put on the unit so that they can be […]

Codename Bobcat

I was cleaning up the upstairs office and found that I’m a packrat.  I found what ended up being SBS 2003′s first beta disks.  Way back in November 2001 was the first beta of SBS “Bobcat” what ultimately became SBS 2003.  That became a long beta due to the SQL slammer and security push.  (We […]