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How Automatic Update R8 Affects Enterprise Solutions 7.0

Now Linux Enabled. Last month we pre-announced QuickBooks 2007 Release 8, expected to be available as an Automatic Update come Thursday, July 12. The update also affects QuickBooks: Enterprise Solutions 7.0 in a big and special way: Linux capability.

QuickBooks will now connect to a company file that is being hosted on a computer using the Linux operating system. This computer will need to be running the new Linux compatible Server Only version of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 7.0. The Linux option is only available in Enterprise Solutions.

Reports Run Faster. Key financial reports in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 7.0 will now run 2x to 20x faster than in Enterprise Solutions 6.0. (Testing was conducted on QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0 data files with 250MB to 300MB of data. Actual results may vary.)

There are many other significant updates in the release not limited to Enterprise Solutions, including tweaks to remove issues with the Accountant Copy, improve file operations, and address a number of payroll issues.

See a list of all cumulative changes included in Release 8.

Note: In a networked environment, don’t forget to update all computers where QuickBooks 2007 is installed.


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