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The Official SBS Blog : But my server IS a Small Business Server: 940318:

Subtitled… when SBS doesn’t think it’s an SBS box anymore….Seen post SP2 but we saw it a smidge post SP1 and I even lost this registry key at home years ago and my backup whizard wouldn’t do it’s job anymore (I was getting ready for a swing to new hardware and went to tweak the backup and the backup whizard would fail.

One Thought on “The Official SBS Blog : But my server IS a Small Business Server: 940318:

  1. Steve on July 24, 2007 at 4:37 am said:

    Hi, the original blog entry on the Technet page is very very misleading. It clearly says to call “Microsoft Support” but when you call them they know nothing about it because it is not yet officially listed on the Knowledge Base. They advise to call Technet as this is posted on a Technet blog. They refuse to help as I don’t have a subscription but when I explained this post they asked me to hold while they checked it. When I came off hold I was magically back at Microsoft Support who again refused to help. I made them look at this page and then went on hold again. Eventually they told me that they weren’t going to help because I didn’t have a Technet subscription.

    So this post should be corrected to say to call Technet and that you must have a subscription to get any help. I guess the fix will eventually be posted on the Knowledge Base but in the mean time the Backup Wizard does not work.

    The Technet page won’t even let me post a comment!!

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