So Chad informs me that all that SQL command line stuff I was so proud of could have been all done via the GUI

‘sure nuff.  Detach and reattach via the GUI….

 Now he tells me…..

“Click Add and you can browse out to the location of your .mdf file.  It will automatically pick up the .ldf file as well (assuming of course it is in the same directory as the .mdf).  And once the .mdf & .ldf files are listed, you can edit the value of the Attach As field directly if you want to change the database name.  Sometimes this is very useful (especially if we’re doing a data migration and want to move some info from an old database to a new database.  Often we want the new database to have the name that our app expects – this way we can change the name on the old database in order to attach it to then run our queries to migrate data.”

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