The demands of community

I wasn’t going to comment on this….but there’s something about flames and matches and a desire to throw a little water on the mess.

Sometimes, if you hold yourself out to be a leader you understand that there needs to be resources for those coming up.  A path.  And those of us who have been around the block a time or two, need to understand that while we may have outgrown the resources that we once thought were valid, isn’t as relevant as they used to be.  That doesn’t mean it’s not relevant for others.  I met a couple of people at the Business and Technology show that were planning to come to SMBnation this year and last year was their first year.   And each of them said they got a lot out of last year.  Yeah, the year that us oldtimers thought we didn’t get as much out of the conference.  Yet they found value.  Sometimes you just outgrow a resource is all. But that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t see it as a resource for others.

I’m in a snarky mood ..mainly because I’ve been sitting here for several hours in Chicago… and you know what… I am a user group leader and I’m going.  I guess I’m not a prominent leader.  I don’t rate in Vlad’s who who.  Oh and I paid for the $99 MPAN track to get CPE.  You know the Microsoft Professional Accountants Network that will be having their first conference up there at the same time.  Don’t know what that makes me then.

For the record, Community isn’t free. 

We demand your time.  We demand your passion.

And sometimes the highest price of all… a little respect for those entering the community.  Especially from those who call themselves leaders.

3 Thoughts on “The demands of community

  1. I am not discounting its value, I am comparing that value to the other conferences. It’s lower than the others. Thats simple enough.

    As for who’s who – it doesn’t matter what I think. My audience reads my web site to find out where to put their conference money and I call it like it is.

    The more you guys try to beat me down for not going and try to call me out as disrespectful and a bad leader, the more you folks look like a paid off bunch thats trying to squash away any bad commentary.


  2. bradley on August 23, 2007 at 11:11 pm said:

    If you’ve outgrown the conference that’s fine Vlad. But you know what… I ran into folks in Chicago coming to SMBnation who came last year who did get value out of it. I think it’s just time for us old timers to move on, and pave the way for the next generation.

    ‘You guys’ are not beating you down. This is one friend asking you to give a little respect is all.

    I’m giving Dana a chance. I’m giving him respect. And quite frankly, after what you just wrote I’m very tempted to refuse payment. It was just going to pay for a new server for the blog site anyway.

  3. I did not outgrow the segment or the market, I’ve proven that by being both at SMBTN and sponsoring SBS Migration conferences. You are the only one that is saying that I have outgrown it, your words not mine.

    What I have done is paid for the attendance for years and after last years change in direction and quality I refuse to support it anymore and am voting with my feet/wallet. As are apparently many, many others.

    Does refusing to support something that has screwed me make me a bad guy? Does refusing to let others get screwed again make me a horrible person? According to your stuff it does.

    The worst person on earth,

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