Has email lost it’s value?

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Has email lost it’s value?  Is it a good communication tool these days?  Or is it a quagmire of junk that it’s hopeless?

I don’t send out ndr’s anymore.  Hate OOF’s.  And use a hosted spam filter in front.

What about you?


One Thought on “Has email lost it’s value?

  1. JamesB on August 24, 2007 at 10:20 pm said:

    We have given up on email as a communication tool internally. Between spam and 20 emails a day from various vendors anything of importance is to easily missed.

    For anything needing a thread we use a Groove Workspace Discussion, for quick notes Groove messages.

    Even with as much SPAM control as we have in place filtering the junk, the List postings and true business info is nearly impossible anymore. I don’t see how anyone without real SPAM controls in place can use email at all anymore.

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