No, Richard, thank you!

A huge thank you for Richard Birkby who pinged me today and said…

It looks like the MS Downloads RSS feed at is down. I’m away at the moment, so don’t have physical access to power-cycle the network until Friday. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Don’t know what that page is all about?  It’s my secret weapon.  It does a very special job… it looks at the Microsoft Download site in date order and it does an RSS scrape feed of it.  So that anything that hits that download page, I can see it in my RSS reader.

Because of that RSS feed I found Vista performance patches were released.  I got the first heads up that Windows 2003 sp2 was released via that one page.  Heck there were times the Security guys at Microsoft wondered how I knew about the security patches so quickly.  Because before patches get on your MU or WSUS they have to be staged up there on the Download site.

So to Richard… a HUGE THANK YOU for that one rss feed that keeps me more informed about things at Microsoft than anything else I’m signed up for.

P.S.  I’ll survive the week.  You take care.

2 Thoughts on “No, Richard, thank you!

  1. Apologies to everyone who relies on the feed. I guess I should invest in some more reliable network routers soon…

  2. Hmm, I’ve been using, but have not had updates since 8/26, wonder if that is from the same source, or what is different.
    I don’t recall when I added this, but thought it was directly from the MS downloads page. Could not find it there, so yes, ditto thank you Richard if you’re creating this for us.

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