Mark Crall being the modest person that he is, talks about his amazing demo.  The amazing thing about it was how calm he was during the whole thing.  The entire time he didn’t even flinch at all.

It was an amazing demo…both from a technical standpoint as well as a “man is that guy calm”.


These are the resources and links to “How NOT to patch” the talk given at

Proactive Resources


And I guess I should put a shout out for since I write Patch Articles for it 🙂

A few little things to remember….

  • Never leave your laptop unlocked

  • Never leave a kiosk computer logged into your gmail account

  • Never leave a kiosk computer logged into a RDP session

All things seen at done on computers

(okay… so I did the first one….and I have photos of the second…. )

Dana is talking now about AuthAnvil VM which is a dedicated Win2k3 standard in Virtual server at $100 a month, the tokens will still be sold by Dana for AuthAnvil… very kewl.  So if you don’t want to have the AuthAnvil on the same box (which may I say it’s a very lightweight system)

Dana is up at the front of the full room talking about AuthAnvil and how it’s able  to protect web security on any of web site, company web, RWW or any other web.  1.5 supports VPN as well.

Lots of cool stuff he’s got for the small business space for better authentication and security.

(and yes, sorry Dana for being late to the presentation)


Dana has a ‘at the show special’ … so if you were not here.. you snooze… you lose.

The marketplace at SMBnation …Trend in this view and ThePlanet with Hosted SBS in the vendor marketplace at smbnation

Mark Crall was talking about how he saw what he liked in SBSC program and was really liking how Microsoft is stepping up to the plate.

Man he looks great on the big screen doesn’t he?