Downgrade rights for SQL

How to downgrade to SQL Server 2000 on a computer that is running Windows SBS 2003 R2 Premium Edition:

Buried in yesterday’s KB listing was that gem.  Okay read it again…. you know what it means?  I’ll be clearer…

Read that.

In particular this:

If you have licensed a copy of Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Premium Edition (which includes Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition), but your line of business applications are not yet available on the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 platform, you may be able to request downgrade rights to SBS 2003 SP1 Premium (which includes Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition the version of Microsoft SQL Server that shipped with Small Business Server 2003 and SP1), and use the downgraded SQL Server in your SBS 2003 R2 environment. You may exercise this downgrade through the channel in which you licensed your original version of Windows Small Business Server R2 Premium Edition. This downgrade offer is available only through April 30, 2008.

Okay I’ll say it in plain English.  Got a SBS 2003 R2 and you can’t install SQL 2000 because your LOB app won’t support it?  No problem.  If a Volume license customer, order downgrade media.  If retail or system builder, order from that page.  But what we thought… the all or nothing of SBS where we thought if you needed SQL 2000 you HAD to stay on SBS 2003 sp1 and could not put any of the R2ism on that box is no longer true.

(with apologies to Bill Peng in the newsgroup who answered a poster in the newsgroup saying that all he had to do was to get the downgrade rights and install SQL 2000 and I was scratching my head going, “Huh?”. Bill was right all the time)

2 Thoughts on “Downgrade rights for SQL

  1. Finally!
    Kudos to everyone who railed against Microsoft to allow downgrade rights just for SQL Server.

  2. Order Your SBS 2003 R2 Premium Edition Premium Technologies Downgrade CD

    Available only through April 30, 2008

    Why only through April 30, 2008 ?

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