Poll? How many have NOT installed SBS 2003 SP1?

So how many have not installed SBS 2003 sp1 (not SP2, but SP1)?  Because if you haven’t, you are getting near the ’tilt’ mark on that box, as well as being out of support.  Read this:


The more you wait, the more you risk that.  Now I know you will say, “But, Susan, all those warnings of bad things that will happen”.  You know what?  This list is a just in case… just in case you hit something.  And when things are scary is when we don’t know.  When we hit a brick wall.  When we do know what’s facing us, that’s when it’s not scary.

How to install Service Pack 1 for SBS 2003:

In my own network I nearly had an entirely error free SBS 2003 sp1 install.  What tripped me up was getting lulled into the false sense of trusting antivirus on and it held IIS up when ISA was trying to remove ISA 2000 and install ISA 2004.  So if you have a SBS 2003 standard box, and you had my server, you would have had an error free install.  Most of the other issues people hit were things like …. it couldn’t patch Sharepoint because someone uninstalled it.  Well that’s expected. 

But it’s like the listing of known issues in Office 2003 sp3 that folks are freaking out over.  I haven’t bet a service pack yet that I don’t plan for, evaluate and then install.  It’s always a matter of timing in my office because at some point in time, the scale weighing the risk of not applying the service pack outweighs the risk of applying the service pack.

Right now the risk of not putting SBS 2003 sp1 on a system is tipping dangerously versus the risk of installing it.

1.  You are out of support.
2.  The issue of being unable to patch

Time to get that SP1 on our boxes folks… get ‘er done!

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