On workstations that have both Office 2003 and 2007 (like FrontPage 2003 along with Office 2007), I’m seeing that when clicking and launching a link in IE7 of companyweb (SharePoint version 2) that IE closes out. 

Okay so more like “Dr. Watson” barfs out: 

And in googling I found this….


At this time I think it’s the Office 2003 and 2007 parts that are causing a bit of fits post the install of Office 2003 sp3.  So I’m in the process of doing a repair install of Office 2007 to see if that fixes it up.

I’ll let you know.. repairing Office 2007 takes a while…

And the answer is yes.. that’s what fixed it.

Moral of this story… when you install Office 2003 SP3 on a system that has Office 2007, be prepared to go back into add/remove, click on Office 2007 and fire up a repair install of Office 2007 so that it is king of the hill.

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