Hackin’ up Quickbooks

I think I figured out why my Quickbooks 2006 has no issues with LUA on this formerly XP that was hacked up to run Quickbooks as non admin and now running Vista… because the registry hack ups I did are still on this system….


See those registry edits?  They are still here on this system.

Then I’m running it with a XP sp2 compatibilty…. but bottom line if your version of Quickbooks won’t run without admin rights in XP, you will need to determine what hacks you need to do in XP and do likewise in Vista.

Now the alternative is again, the only setting that you should consider, is to go into Vista and change the policy so that administrators silently elevate… but PLEASE do not consider shutting off UAC as an appropriate solution as that will remove IE in protected mode.  Changing it so that the elevation to secure desktop occurs silently is a reasonable solution/choice in this transition era we have right now.

Shutting UAC off completely is not.


Determines how the user is prompted prior to running a program with higher permissions

No Prompt – Silently elevate

Prompt for Consent – Ask the user whether to continue (Yes/No)

Prompt for Credentials – Require the user to enter login password before continuing (*)

Any misspellings in this post probably caused by the fact that I’m in the airport at 5:30 AM in the MORNING and I’m NOT a morning person….

One Thought on “Hackin’ up Quickbooks

  1. Susan,
    The following cronicles our experiences with trying to get QB 2007 installed on Vista:
    The Threatcode.com link provides an excellent way for us to mitigate the struggles needed to get things to almost work.
    But, so far, QB 2007 does not work without at least one UAC prompt when starting up.
    In many of our client’s cases, silent elevation is not an option.
    MPECS Inc.

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