SMB Nation To PODCAST Four (4) Speeches

SMB Nation To PODCAST Four (4) Speeches


It was nearly 20-years ago that Woodstock was held on Max Yasgur’s farm in upstate New York. During the show – sheer madness emerged! Crowds were much larger than anticipated and simply ran over the gates and ultimately the conference organizer bellowed that famous phrase “it’s now a free concert.”

With that context – welcome to SMB Nation 2007, the fall conference starting in 48-hours at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond. While our situation isn’t exactly that same as Woodstock (economic realities require us to maintain an overall fee structure for full participation), we have been blessed with over 700 participants and we’re very excited that over 60 percent of the attendees are new to SMB Nation!

For the rest of the world *unable* to attend – we have VERY GOOD NEWS!. We are working with Aaron Booker (a fellow Small Business Specialist) who owns Hardlines in Bellingham, Washington USA to bring FOUR SESSIONS to you as a COMPLIMENTARY Podcast. (I’m shouting in UPPERCASE because I am so excited!).

To attend the Podcast of four selected sessions, you will need to REGISTER for the specific sessions of your choice (see below). Note that these complimentary Podcast sessions represent less than ten percent of the total conference content but it gives you, the remote attendee, the opportunity to attend SMB Nation 2007 virtually for just a sampling!

The four complimentary sessions Podcasts (90-minutes in length) are :

Session 1A: KEYNOTE

September 29th – 9:00AM PST GMT-8

Eric Ligman, Microsoft US Senior Manager Small Business Community Engagement

Arnie Mondloch, Director – Marketing and Relationship Engines, US Partner Group

You must register here to attend Eric and Arnie’s lecture:


Session 2A: Tcat – Certification Secrets Test Taking Tips

September 29th – 10:45AM PST GMT -8

“….I know that but couldn’t remember it on the exam !@#$$%…” Tcat will share his secrets that helped him overcome life challenges to earn multiple certifications, write books and become a well-respected international speaker and trainer. His passion is helping other people achieve effective results in all aspects of work and personal life with a special emphasis on passing exams! Take the first steps – listen intently for Tcat – and then prepare for and take your certification exam!

You must register here to attend Tcat’s lecture:

Session 5B: Larry Schulze – Getting the Right People on the Bus – HR Topics that Matter

September 30th – 9:00AM PST GMT -8

You need to add people to grow, but hiring can be a painful process. This session will show you the best practices to hire someone that is the right fit for you, your business and your culture. Whether it is your first hire, or just another new face on your team, you will learn how to recruit, hire and integrate new employees into your business. You’ll better understand why the right timing is important and why managing employees today is different from many years ago. Plus, this session will cover how to create an employee manual and why this is important to your business.

You must register here to attend Larry’s lecture:


Session 6B: Dana Epp Mitigating Business Risk in a Remotely Accessible World

Identity and access management for small business. Join Dana in exploring how to securely protect your customers from potentially risky remote access with the use of strong authentication. Learn how to better validate the identity of remote users (including you and your employees) and discover how to provide effective audit logging to track remote usage like never before. Is that really employee ‘Bob’ from accounting trying to get in, or a hacker that captured his Active Directory login credentials? Come see how to find out!

You must register to attend Dana’s lecture:

So if you can’t attend live and fully participate, I understand and I hope you’ll drop by for these sample content sessions! AND we certainly hope that we’ll see some of our virtual friends at SMB Nation 2008 (tentatively October 2008 again in Seattle).


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  1. A little clarification – they will be webcast live – as well as available post event as downloads/podcasts… Only via Windows Media, of course!

    Aaron Booker
    Hardlines Company

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