Exclusive contest for SBSC partners in the USA only – Grand prize is a Grand Canyon Colorado River raft trip, helicopter tours, Las Vegas, etc. 

Next month the details will come out more on this contest….

Eric Ligman is talking about the exclusive SBSC benefits…. the first that I love is the 4 hour guaranteed SLA for the newsgroups. 

Eric is talking now about how hard it is to come in behind “the guy”.   To better brand the SBSC there’s a new USA based campaign to raise brand awareness of SBSC.


Eric Ligman announces the new campaign to raise awareness….(and this is the just the beginning landing page so look out for more)

(Amy and I checked… www.wevegottagirl.com isn’t yet parked 🙂

Resources for SBSC

  • D&H has www.dandh.com/sbsc

  • SBSC resources – tpam, newsletter , web site, webcasts, RSS

  • “Get the edge” contest in FY 08, get activated and tell them about your success

  • Not a SBSC member?  www.smbizspecialist.com

2 Thoughts on “SBSC announcements – more coming

  1. Since when is “gotta” short for “got a?” AFAIK, it’s only short for “got to,” as in “I’ve gotta go.” I have never seen gotta used this way before.

  2. The link for those not an SBSC member already is: http://www.smbizspecialist.com. Thanks for helping get the word out, Susan. 🙂

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