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I am a spoiled SBSer

Lately I’ve been doing some work in Win2k8 RC0 and when you work on “big server” platforms, you forget all the little things that you take for granted on SBS that .. are just there.  When you fire up Win2k8 Enterprise and look in the group policy management console, the first thing you will notice […]

The patch for social engineering

I buy a Mac Mini and a Social Engineered Trojan hits the news…   But the story at points out that Social Engineering is the hardest one to patch for and the threat is now on the Mac platform as well.  All you have to do is entice me enough to think it’s a […]

The Halloween duty tonight

Well here I am… with the laptop on wireless… I’m sitting in the living room with sounds of “Trick or Treat” wafting down the street where I live.   This year is the first year of the “daylight” Halloween ..where 5 p.m. was still light because we haven’t moved to daylight savings yet. So far we’ve […]

Halloween malware – watch out

According to the IP of is out of Denver Colorado It’s also using an Outlook Express is now a spammer of this maware: That’s outlook 5.5..that’s an old version to boot.

Yeah, they really did that… When I first read this .. I went.. no way… they didn’t do that did they? And I had to fire up the OS and drill around and check… All the operational computers in my network look like this… Now mind you .. BSOD’s happen so infrequently that when they do it’s such a […]

Fax is dead

Kicking and Screaming I am Bloggin » Blog Archive » Faxing From Vista via SBS: so maybe not to Attorneys, engineers, vast sectors of the economy that just have to fax…..

Poking under the hood Three interesting threads. I personally didn’t notice surfing delays on the Leopard so I can’t confirm that I’ve seen that issue here in the office, but there are some default settings in Leopard that definitely make me poke under the hood a lot more. “Allow all incoming connections” was the default setup.  It would […]

If I were in charge of the universe….

Sometimes it’s nice to just pretend …. what if I were in charge of the Universe. Well the first thing I would do is that I would put out a formal statement (and not just a blog post) about how I’d be planning to help the patching admins clean up the Windows Desktop Search …. […]

Put in your name and initials in Word 2007 One for the bizarre side effects. Adobe 8, Word 2007.  Word would not properly pdf using the Adobe wizard.  Couldn’t figure out why.  Googled and finally hit this.  Because the person did not have a proper Name and initials in the Box inside of Word 2007 the PDFmaker wizard would consistently barf. Who knew.

Casualties of the time change…

1.  I think the router on our DSL freaked yesterday we lost DSL connectivity for most of the day and all night and today I had to log all the way into the DSL modem/router before it would connect to the Internet. 2.  Our Ricoh copier thinks it’s an hour earlier… obviously we missed […]