VW swallows MAN!

All day today I’ve been getting German stock spam… 
Terry Zink’s Anti-spam Blog : New spam outbreak: mp3 spam: 
Don’t get any interesting mp3 spam…. no I have to get German stock spam…thank you very much….
(this is in my outside unfiltered email that I leave to see what is ‘out there’ on the web) 
Aktientipp am Abend

VW schluckt MAN

VW Kurse nicht mehr zu stoppen!

W K N 766400
I S I N DE0007664005
175,75 Euro
Wochenziel: 190 Euro
Jahresziel zum 31.12.2007 430 Euro

Charttechnisch die Aktie des Jahres!
Empfehlung: S T R O N G B U Y

Which translates to:

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