At 2 a.m this morning….Nothing should happen.

You heard me.. nothing.  No computer should jump it’s clock back an hour at that time.

If you patched back in March you should be good to go even without patching with the recent stuff as I’m betting most of you don’t live in those affected time zones that got another time zone change.

… so here’s hoping that nothing does indeed occur.

Time will tell.

4 Thoughts on “If everything goes as planned….

  1. Well 2am has passed over my way and thankfully the clocks did jump back an hour. But I’m in Britain and it was supposed to happen. I gather that you Americans have been having fun and games” with changes to your own daylight saving legislation. Every spring and autumn over here there is always a debate on why we change the clocks. The bad experiences in the US of changing the system serve as a handy argument against tinkering with daylight saving over here 😉

  2. Paul Clement on October 28, 2007 at 7:31 pm said:

    Susan, where are you that the clocks change now?

    According to NA DST it’s Nov. 4th.

  3. Came in to work this morning, and the foyer lights were darker than usual. Hmm… I think I spot a system that wasn’t patched!

  4. The only thing that fell back an hour was our phones, and that one user who decided in a coup to buy a blackberry before a mobile policy was made; our Windows mobile devices didn’t budge at all. Partnership has its privledges, I guess.

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