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External = "The world"

So one of the points that Amy Babinchak made in AU at the SMB security summit was that each time there was a rule in ISA that said “let the world in” you needed to stop and ask yourself why.  RDP from THE WORLD may not be a wise move.  You can easily …even without […]

A little bit of 529′s

So let’s say you want to be alerted when someone does a password attempt on your system.  Go into the health monitor, copy the Account Lockout alert service and edit it to look for event 529 in the event logs.  Adjust the Actions to not only log to the system but to email you when […]

The Official SBS Blog : Network Behind a Network:

The Official SBS Blog : Network Behind a Network: Today’s sbs blog post brought to you by Wayne McIntyre

So how much money has been wasted?,139492-c,internetexplorer/article.html  $521 million $60 to $70 a share for the shareholders in dividends $158 million How many billions of dollars have been spent that provided no benefit, protected no clients, gave no needed features? First, the California Movants argue that extension of the Final Judgment is necessary to “pry open” the OEM channel to non-Microsoft […]

There’s no secpol in Vista Home Premium.. so now what?

So your client bought a Vista Home premium and now you are wanting to tweak it for that setting that allows the Administrator to silently elevate rather than to get the (supposedly) annoying UAC prompt and you are looking for secpol.msc on Vista Home Premium? And you find out …it’s not there.. so now what? […]

Got a 0x80072efd

The AT&T edge sync’d and then it didn’t… and I was getting a 0x80072efd error… Googled.. and it was due to this:  What I realized is that for one reason or another my PDA picked up the office Proxy Server settings.  Once I removed the proxy setting it was able to sync over the […]

Popcorn is no more I was setting up a phone tonight and remembered that I couldn’t call the time lady at 767-8900 (also dial-able as pop-corn) any more to check the phone. California’s time lady got deprecated back in September.  Word is they said that the equipment was aging and that time is available in so many other ways.  But the […]

Office Accounting 2008

  Welcome! We are going to be in your area demoing Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 and answering your questions! Here’s a great chance to learn about using this great financial management software and to network with fellow users in your area! Here’s your opportunity to discover the NEW Office Accounting 2008 features and be a […]

I hate bluetooth

There I said it.  I don’t normally give up on technology but I’ve given up on trying to get an AT&T Tilt connected via bluetooth to act like a modem for a laptop.  Instead I will just loan out my wireless card that ALWAYS works. All of the websites/and boards talked about … well it […]

Still having issues post Office 2003 sp3?

Still needing to get back to those old files after you installed Office 2003 sp3 Take the contents of this and put it in a text file and save it as officefix.reg, or download the zip file and unzip it. Or you can use this downloadable file there. Click on the file to have […]