Setting up a bit of SSL

So we’re going to put a bit of SSL on a web site… You’ve read the How to install a cert from the SBS web site…. here’s what to expect from the GoDaddy site…

First off you buy a cert “credit” from Godaddy.

For most everything, all you need is the single domain/2 year at $35 (the $20 cert).  This will work on phones that need third party certs as well.  The multiple domains and wildcard domains are more for commercial sites and a little trickier.

Once you buy it then you will activate the account.

You will then set up an account on the SSL section of Godaddy.  This is separate and distinct from the godaddy account.

Click to begin the request process.

Indicate that it’s going to go on a third party web site

You will then get a screen that you will enter in the certificate request that is talked about on the SBS blog.


One you continue you will get several emails confirming that you are the domain requestor.

If you have a private domain (domain by proxy) you’ll get two emails confirming your status as the domain holder.

If you have a “by proxy” domain (hidden a bit from the whois), you’ll get a second email.


Click to confirm and approve the request.  You’ll get to a screen that approves the request.

(And don’t ask… I really don’t have a web site with that name… I was just needing a SSL cert for a demo)  Click “Approve” to approve the cert and get one.


Once it is approved you’ll get the final email saying that your cert has been approved (it’s a VERY fast process) and you click on the continue to get the download.


This final screen will give you the download link to get to the “bundle” of certificates needed for the SSL install.


Click the link to get the download link and place it on your web server for easy access.

Remember you need to download and install the intermediary certificate into the “intermediary cert” MMC as talked about on the blog.

But that’s the “other” side of the SSL process.. what to expect from godaddy when buying a cert.

3 Thoughts on “Setting up a bit of SSL

  1. Take your screenshots in png format, they will come out better:

  2. bradley on November 4, 2007 at 11:22 pm said:

    Hey, you get what you pay for. I snip and dump it into a web site.

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  3. Robert on November 5, 2007 at 9:11 am said:

    Great Post – thanks! Unless you are maybe Fortune 500 company, GoDaddy is perfectly fine as a certificate provider.

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