Packing the essentials….

It’s been a day since Centro became Essential Business Server and there’s something about the name that bugs me.


When I pack “the essentials” for travel, I pack one bag. When I take a long term vacation, I have multiple bags.  I don’t think Centro is “just the essentials”.  I think it’s MORE than the essentials.  I think it’s at least a two week vacation worth of servers.  It’s not an overnight bag worth of servers.  And if you really had to define an “essential” business server.. wouldn’t it be SBS?  As it is the perfect overnight rolling bag that makes travelling a breeze and makes a gal agile and able to hop on a flight, not check baggage and fly stand by on flights if I have to, better known as the server that not only solves all my needs but is compact and agile and perfect for an agile firm.

Okay so the luggage analogy may not be the same… but is anyone else besides me thinking of luggage?  Essential as a word to me means traveling light and being agile.  Centro or EBS’s three servers are a overnight case with rolling wheels that allow you to be secure and compliant and bigger and longer stays and…. well… it’s a Complete Business Server.

Well that’s just my wacky thoughts anyway.

6 Thoughts on “Packing the essentials….

  1. Yeah me too not sure who they focus grouped that name with?
    Sadly it is probably based on System Ceter Essentials “not quite SCOM 2007” so EBS = Not quite the whole W2K8 Enterprise Domain??

  2. Not whacky, that’s the first thing I thought. A bit of a downer when that was anounced, I’d prefer keeping it Cougar, or even just MBS for Mid-size Business Server.

  3. Not whacky, that’s the first thing I thought. A bit of a downer when that was anounced, I’d prefer keeping it Cougar, or even just MBS for Mid-size Business Server.

  4. Personally, I think the name fits perfectly with the market and the objective/problem.

    (if you disagree, you’re probably an SBSer working with smallbiz firms and are not familiar with the challenges in midmarket IT)

    I think the reason Microsoft chose Essentials for the name because thats what they are. Mail infrastructure. Management/monitoring infrastructure. SQL, Domain controllers, firewall. These are network essentials.

    In small business, the above is a complete business! Thats all they need. Why? Because there are between 5-50 people there and they are all pretty much on the ball.

    Now, what if you had 200 people, in four offices, and each one had its own applications, own file servers, own LOBs? Would Centro be the essentials or the complete solution? From experience, it would fall far short of complete.

    You see, in midmarket you don’t have cozy little “We’ll just drop a box and solve all your problems” way of dealing with things. You have an IT department or someone “in charge of computers” along with aging infrastructure, legacy applications, set way of doing things. You can’t waltz in with SBS and just “fix it” like many SBSers do today, it is a far more convoluted situation where you spend more time trying to analyze the problem than actually “fix it”

    Ergo, the essentials.


  5. It does have an egotistical ring to it. However, I’m excited to see it. Now I’m anxiously waiting to see what the upgrade path is going to be for my clients that already have 3 servers. I need a nice small price to migrate them over and gain the benefits of central management.

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