Mac patches are a must install

For those with Leopard’s on Windows networks…this is a must have patch

   * Addresses an issue in which Microsoft Windows shared folders may
     be read-only when connected via SMB.

And there’s that “it’s not the same thing as Vista’s UAC” that one has to enter the password to authorize the install.

But the firewall stuff that they are patching is an interesting read….

heise Security:

One Thought on “Mac patches are a must install

  1. This is definitely half a patch. Apple’s Leopard is very much like Vista in the “what, you actually released that crap to the public?” category. This patch goes about halfway to fixing the security issues in Leopard, perhaps not even that far.

    And this patch, like all other Apple patches, are “must installs” for the majority of Mac users. Just like Windows patches.

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