Mobility and Mac

So in talking to a fellow traveler who was askng me about my aircard and how well it connects.  And as you can see from this blog post, it connects to the web just fine.

And he has a Mac so the thing we had to check to see if the aircards are supported on the Mac platfom.  That’s probably my biggest take away of seeing the Mac marketplace is that the options are limited.  In some cases like in terms of Quickbooks for Mac, the one version that they offer is it.  It’s like the Model T era, you get the “black’ model and that’s your choice.  This can be good …and bad….. good from the standpoint that the vendor has less to test…bad from the standpoint that you have less options. 

(and yes we already chatted about Leopard and Boot Camp, Parallels and Vmware’s Fusion 😉

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