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Nick MacKechnie’s Weblog : MSTSC /console switch in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1:

Okay Nick … I’ll buy that but why not make it consistent?

Frank posted ….

XP SP2 and Vista Current version  mstsc /console connects to console, /admin gives Syntax error and lists proper switches.

XP SP3  /console and /admin will both connect you to the console session without error

Vista SP1  /admin connects to Console /console connects to separate session NOT console with no error or warning that you are NOT at console.


So why not make it consistent in all the versions so we don’t have to remember what works in what version?


2 Thoughts on “/Console or /Admin

  1. I’m smoking something different then.
    mstsc.exe 6.0.6001.16659 (found in Vista SP1 beta and Win2008 September CTP) both behave identically with /console and /admin.

    It would be good to see what the build number in XP SP3 is.

    /console is on notice – it’s deprecated in favour for /admin.

  2. OK, the behaviour has changed with Win2008 November CTP.

    Sigh. Why couldn’t MS retain the semantic of /console and have the Win2008 TS work it out.

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