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A rule for ISA

Charlie needed to connect to Gmail’s nntp folders inside of Outlook.  He had ISA’s rules to not be all open and realized it was impacting Gmail.  (Necessary if you’re going to use Outlook rule processing, since SBS doesn’t include a default rule for this.) You’ll need to add an ISA Rule to make it work […]

Are we really any more secure? My favorite flight attendant speech was the time on one flight during the safety speech he said “If you have not driven a car since 1964, please pay attention to the seat belt demonstration”. But it’s true.. are we really any more secure?

PCI/DSS compliance in the SMB world In my opinion a SBS box can’t store, process or transmit credit cards under the PCI/DSS regulations.  Even Centro/Essential Business server is probably pushing the envelope of an acceptable setup.  If you want to “pass the test” without having to document your compensating controls, it is my opinion that any server setup in a […]

The best thing about Vista

In XP this happens…   However in Vista … only this happens  “Windows┬« versions prior to Windows Vista┬« will, by default, automatically run programs designated in the autorun.inf file on CDs, but not on USB drives. By lying about itself, the U3-enabled USB flash drive fools the OS into autorunning something called the U3 […]

Use the Burlaps.. I mean BurFlags

I was having a message indicating I had journal wrap errors.  When I did the edit for journal wrap errors, it got me into worse errors. I had Userenv errors and dcdiag that indicated that it was not a happy camper… Not good.  What I should have done what the BurFlags edit Authoritative FRS […]

Installing Exchange 2007 into a SBS 2003 network

Ron was adding an Exchange 2007 into a SBS 2003 network and was hitting issues.  Alexander came to the rescue with this answer…I did such an installation myself. Guess what!! The schema role transfer is not necessary. Apparently the author of that article was having some problems with the schema master and went with a […]

About those stale records… (and make sure you read Evan’s comment on that post — A follow up to this… we were questioning if we needed to set this box in DHCP… but that setting is only needed for 9x era workstations   Then we were checking in DNS if we needed to set any of these […]

Disabling DNS dynamic updates

From the mailbox…  We have a few inherited SBS 2003 boxes, in addition to ones we have deployed ourselves. On two of the inherited ones, we were having problems with RWW making connections to specific client machines. It turned out that the machines had multiple DNS A records on the SBS box (accumulated over time […]

Digital Certificates: Do They Work? Jeff has a great blog post about the issue I see with security certificate notifications… we ignore the warnings and don’t understand them. My favorite cert issue was the one I spotted on my trade association web site for the login page…. or rather the password reminder page. The page gives an error with […]

What’s the lifecycle?

Just for grins I wanted to see the support lifecycles on various platforms.  NOVELL: Support Lifecycle: will provide a minimum of five years General Support for platform and operating system products, including its revisions, starting with the date of a product’s general availability. When General Support ends, Novell will offer extended support for a minimum of […]