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Can I also point people towards a recent article I wrote about installing Sharepoint on SBS 2003: and also my Supportweb website : which has lots of Sharepoint & SBS2003 info. I also have similiar videos on installing Sharepoint at

There are some interesting points to note when you install Sharepoint, as the method in which the data is stored and limitations that may be incurred are very dependent on how you do the initial installation. There are also some other “options” rather than the “standard” Microsoft way in my opinion.


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Copying this here.. someone asked why doesn’t Microsoft come out with a supported inplace upgrade to Sharepoint 2.  They are.  It’s called Cougar the next version of SBS. Remember that SBS is an integrated platform and it’s not trivial in terms of coding, support, testing to take out the v2 and insert in it’s place the v3.  Add to that the (let’s be realistic folks) the business needs of not putting a huge amount of dev time/team time on a platform that is now 4 years old with the new platform right around the corner and it just doesn’t make technical sense nor economic sense to be putting that many resources onto a 4 year old platform.  The resources are needed for Cougar.

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  1. Isn’t Cougar supposed to be for “medium” sized companies of around 250 people ? I don’t think Microsoft has a replacement for SBS 2003 yet which is for 75 people or less. Personally I wish they would just keep selling SBS 2003 because it’s taken all these damn years to learn all the ins and out of it and for Microsoft to get most of the bugs out. To have them stop selling it is going to be rough and I think I will cry. We will all have to start from scratch again with another SBS system that is beta and full of bugs. But then again they do that with every operating system they have because they know damn well that if they continued selling the old products not many people would buy the new ones. So we keep getting screwed.

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