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It all started when we needed to make a name change on the DSL account.. but you see.. we can’t do that.  We have to get a new static IP.  Oh yeah… and since I am going to have to change the I for the mail I figured while I was in the mood I should reconfigure the remote portal so it’s a shorter/nicer domain connection.  First step is to buy a domain from a company that will allow you access to their DNS/A records.  Because I have a firm web site that is separate and distinct from the domain, I can pick any other domain name that is logical for folks to get to.  Personally I think mail.domain.com/remote is confusing.

Then these days, don’t forget the third party SSL certificate.  http://blogs.technet.com/sbs/archive/2007/08/21/how-to-install-a-public-3rd-party-ssl-certificate-on-iis-on-sbs-2003.aspx and I parked that ssl cert for 10 year.

Now I need to figure out where the VPN passthrough settings are as the DSL/AT&T company gave me their DSL router that didn’t come with an instruction manual. http://www.netopia.com/equipment/products/3000/3300_res_ds.pdf … is it me or are these devices from the phone company just the absolute WORST when it comes to documentation?

Changed the Exchange Defender… now to test the VPN.

One Thought on “A new IP

  1. That’s why I always use a name like server1.domain.com. You can put /anything after it and it’s not confusing. Yes I know that some might think that it is not secure to use the real name of your server if that’s what you select but I don’t think that that is much of a security concern. If they can break in they are going to get the name of your machine anyway.

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