I just winced just a little bit.. in my testing of bitlocker on my beta test box I just accidentally paved over the drive on that server that stored all the downloaded ISO’s from the beta site.  Fortunately, while I can do a little wince at the time it will take me to pull them down again from TechNet and the beta’s I’m in, it’s not a huge loss (mainly because I’m in the unlimited bandwidth USA mind you).

But I didn’t have a backup of that drive I paved over.  Fortunately I can replace it… but the fact is that I had no backup and thus lost the data.


So what things will you wince over?  And do you have a backup?

I may have blown off all those ISOs… but I got Bitlocker to work… so for that it was worth it!  😉

One Thought on “Either have a backup ..or don’t care

  1. I’m happy to say thanks to an upgrade to a larger capacity tape drive about 2 weeks ago, I have less to wince about. Prior to the upgrade I too knew I’d be recreating my ISO images, Virtual Machines, etc. but my company critical data was being backed up. However, as things have grown over the past two years my older DAT72 drive just didn’t cut it anymore so I moved up to an LTO-2 drive. It used to take about 5.5 hours to backup 41GB on the DAT72 and I’m now backing up 131GB in 5 hours. I moved my DAT72 drive over to my test server so that I could duplicate client environments as well as backup my various test information.

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