Don’t get stuck in the "micromosis".

gapingvoid: “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”: so what’s all this new marketing stuff, anyway?:

I’m trying to train myself to avoid “Microsmosis” i.e. mistaking of a microcosm for the entire cosmos. If you got all your news from blogs, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there are just two phone companies- Apple and Nokia. But Sony, Motorola, LG and Samsung sell a lot of phones, too. Just not to our friends.

Sometimes one has to step back and review the reality.  Recently I saw a post about the relevance of Facebook and reading that…and wallowing with the common folks should remind us that sometimes we get too wrapped up in the “Micromosis”.  Blogs are not authoritative.  They are the writings and sometimes rantings of one person.  Oh sure, they are informative, and entertaining, but sometimes one has to step back and check back in with reality. 

For those looking to the silver bullet or magic bullet of ‘how to make it in business’, sometimes it comes down to just being business savvy.  Sometimes that’s not something that can be taught, nor learned, nor obtained in a conference or a book. 

There’s a saying “Those that can, do, those that can’t teach”.  But I’m not sure I agree with that.  I think I agree with this article that “Those that can, do teach”.   We’re in a time of change right now.  And if you can’t, not only teach yourself, but communicate and teach to others. 

As we start the new year with so many products from so many vendors in the channel, take the time to teach yourself a new platform.  Set up a network totally in Virtual Server or Vmware.  Take the time to stop and teach employees, coworkers, peers something you’ve learned.  Everytime I teach someone else, I learn more in the process. 

Want to know why I enjoy writing chapters or articles or even blogging for that matter?  Because it encourages me to learn, to ask, to stretch the grey matter of my brain. 

Be open to change.  My grandmother lived from the age of the Covered Wagon to men on the moon.  I have lived through IBM punch cards to ….whereever we are at today.  We change.  We evolve.  And I sometimes don’t understand how we evolved from a group of folks that either evolved from Adam and Eve or evolved from Dinosaurs (depending on your theories of evolution and what not).  I mean Adam and Eve had to learn how to survive, right? 

So as we celebrate the holidays and get ready for the new year…. what have you done in the way of….

  • Customer relationships?

  • Exciting your customers.. motivating them?

  • Dealing with change with a positive attitude?

Have you set aside time this new year to…..

  • Experiement and accept when you fail?

  • Go the extra mile and make time to keep in touch with clients?

  • Ensure you lead not push people?

I challenge all of us to look forward to 2008’s challenges and embrace the larger cosmos.  Don’t get stuck in the “micromosis”.

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